Suzuki Karimun. Small but isn’t that small.

Suzuki Karimun is city car with length 3,410 mm, width 1,575 mm and height 1,705 mm. This is my car after I have Chevrolet Zafira. Karimun is a small car; the capacity is only for five persons. Even, if I tried to use the gearbox, my hand often grazes person leg beside me.

Today, my sister-in-law wants to move from her place to my brother place. At first, she wants to pay someone to help her. But then she asked me to help her. At 12:00 pm, my brother, my sister-in-law and me go to the place that we want to move things. I folded the passenger seats so the floor became flat and the capacity increased.

This is some picture that show how much the Karimun capacity. But, my brother and me must go back three times before all completed to move. All finished at 7:00 pm.

Inside Karimunimage129.jpg

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