The crash of M600i

I have Sony Ericcson M600i. I bought it about 2 months ago. I like this phone. At first, this phone hangs so often. But after I upgraded the firmware, the phone is much faster and doesn’t hang again.

About a week ago I was going back to my parent’s house at Depok, West Java. I went there with bus and when I wanted to come back I decided to use travel because it is faster and more comfortable. But, I couldn’t call the travel to make reservation.

I told my dad and I asked him to drive me back to Bandung, but he didn’t want to drove me. I tell this story to my girl and she wanted to drove me with her car because her little brother wanted to go to Bandung. At 7:00 pm, my girl came to my house to pick me up.

At 7:15 pm we departed. I’m the driver. When I sat down in the driver’s seat, my phone slips and fall. And at that same time I closed my driver door. With the probability one in a million, the door hits the phone. The LCD is broken. The cost to replace it is about $75. It’s very expensive for me as a student.

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  1. John Degary says:

    I think it is a really cool phone
    The MP3 player has a lot of functionality
    But I am totally baffled as to how to access GMAIL from the phone
    from Doctors positions Australia

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