Liverpool versus Man Utd

About 30 minutes ago I watch the football match Liverpool against Manchester United. The match was held at Anfield, Liverpool. The first half is so tight; both team attack and defense each other. Liverpool had several chances to make a goal, but the finishing is really bad and Van Der Sar played great in this match. Man Utd with almost full team is really frustrating when they came to attack. Liverpool defense was great so Man Utd didn’t have many chances.

On the second half, the situation wasn’t so different. Liverpool made some chances and again Van Der Sar has a great performance this evening. On minute 86, Scholes was given a red card from the referee because of his behavior. He almost punch one of Liverpool player.

The referee gave four minutes of injury time. On the second minute of injury time, Giggs was fouled on right side of Liverpool defense. Giggs, in these 700th matches for Man Utd, took the free kick. He used his right foot to deliver the ball. Saha tried to reach the ball but the ball hit Liverpool keeper, Reina. The ball role free and O’Shea kick the ball with his powerful right foot.

The hero of this match is not Rooney, Ronaldo, Saha or Carrick but O’Shea. With this win, the point difference between Man Utd and Chelsea is now 12 points. Chelsea will play against Portsmouth tonight.

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