Suzuki Karimun. Small but isn’t that small.

Suzuki Karimun is city car with length 3,410 mm, width 1,575 mm and height 1,705 mm. This is my car after I have Chevrolet Zafira. Karimun is a small car; the capacity is only for five persons. Even, if I tried to use the gearbox, my hand often grazes person leg beside me.

Today, my sister-in-law wants to move from her place to my brother place. At first, she wants to pay someone to help her. But then she asked me to help her. At 12:00 pm, my brother, my sister-in-law and me go to the place that we want to move things. I folded the passenger seats so the floor became flat and the capacity increased.

This is some picture that show how much the Karimun capacity. But, my brother and me must go back three times before all completed to move. All finished at 7:00 pm.

Inside Karimunimage129.jpg

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Liverpool versus Man Utd

About 30 minutes ago I watch the football match Liverpool against Manchester United. The match was held at Anfield, Liverpool. The first half is so tight; both team attack and defense each other. Liverpool had several chances to make a goal, but the finishing is really bad and Van Der Sar played great in this match. Man Utd with almost full team is really frustrating when they came to attack. Liverpool defense was great so Man Utd didn’t have many chances.

On the second half, the situation wasn’t so different. Liverpool made some chances and again Van Der Sar has a great performance this evening. On minute 86, Scholes was given a red card from the referee because of his behavior. He almost punch one of Liverpool player.

The referee gave four minutes of injury time. On the second minute of injury time, Giggs was fouled on right side of Liverpool defense. Giggs, in these 700th matches for Man Utd, took the free kick. He used his right foot to deliver the ball. Saha tried to reach the ball but the ball hit Liverpool keeper, Reina. The ball role free and O’Shea kick the ball with his powerful right foot.

The hero of this match is not Rooney, Ronaldo, Saha or Carrick but O’Shea. With this win, the point difference between Man Utd and Chelsea is now 12 points. Chelsea will play against Portsmouth tonight.

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Going to Malaysia with Malaysia Airlines.

About a month a go my Department of Physics held a study tour to go to Malaysia. The first plan was to only go to the industry that is located in Java and Bali. But, after my head Department said that the cost was enough to go to Malaysia, he gave us recommendation to go to Malaysia.

At first we try to find a sponsorship so we don’t have to pay a lot of money. After two weeks before departure to Malaysia we didn’t get any sponsorship. So the person in charge of the study tour decided to ask some money from us. The money that we must pay varies from $55 to $210 and divided in to six classes. The decision was from the economic factor, so the rich one can subsidies the poor one.

Finally, after paying that money, we booked our tickets using Malaysia Airlines. Thanks to them that gave us some discounts so we din’t have to pay full price. About 76 students joined this study tour.

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Esia. Cheap. But…

One of my cellphones is Nokia 6585. And the operator that I use is Esia, the communications company that uses CDMA technology. The price to make a call is very cheap. To make a call to the same operator is about $0.006 or 0.6 cent per minute. And if you call for an hour the price is reduce just $0.11 (but you must call one hour, and after one hour the price is $0.002 or 0.2 cent).

The coverage of Esia is just Banten, West Java and Jakarta. I live in Bandung and sometimes I go to Depok, West Java to meet my parents. My girl also lives in Depok. So the way we keep our relationship is only with phone call. In Indonesia, the internet is so expensive and not reliable. So, I can’t use a video chat.

And my choice to make a phone call with my girl is Esia. To make call from Bandung to Depok we must add a prefix 01010 before the phone number. But, a few days a go, I can’t call my girl using that prefix. If you don’t use that prefix the price is $0.16 per minute. Just this morning I received sms for Esia that told me to use prefix 010100. What a long prefix to make a call.

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The crash of M600i

I have Sony Ericcson M600i. I bought it about 2 months ago. I like this phone. At first, this phone hangs so often. But after I upgraded the firmware, the phone is much faster and doesn’t hang again.

About a week ago I was going back to my parent’s house at Depok, West Java. I went there with bus and when I wanted to come back I decided to use travel because it is faster and more comfortable. But, I couldn’t call the travel to make reservation.

I told my dad and I asked him to drive me back to Bandung, but he didn’t want to drove me. I tell this story to my girl and she wanted to drove me with her car because her little brother wanted to go to Bandung. At 7:00 pm, my girl came to my house to pick me up.

At 7:15 pm we departed. I’m the driver. When I sat down in the driver’s seat, my phone slips and fall. And at that same time I closed my driver door. With the probability one in a million, the door hits the phone. The LCD is broken. The cost to replace it is about $75. It’s very expensive for me as a student.

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Well, finally I have a domain named At first I didn’t want to buy this domain, but, after I hear from my brother that his name was already used by another people (and that people will only sell the domain to my brother for about $1500) I decided to buy this domain name.

Maybe I will only fill this site with my story. I decided to write it in English because I want to practice a bit. So, I’m sorry if my English is bad. Thanks to my brother for his advice about this decision.

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