Going to Malaysia with Malaysia Airlines.

About a month a go my Department of Physics held a study tour to go to Malaysia. The first plan was to only go to the industry that is located in Java and Bali. But, after my head Department said that the cost was enough to go to Malaysia, he gave us recommendation to go to Malaysia.

At first we try to find a sponsorship so we don’t have to pay a lot of money. After two weeks before departure to Malaysia we didn’t get any sponsorship. So the person in charge of the study tour decided to ask some money from us. The money that we must pay varies from $55 to $210 and divided in to six classes. The decision was from the economic factor, so the rich one can subsidies the poor one.

Finally, after paying that money, we booked our tickets using Malaysia Airlines. Thanks to them that gave us some discounts so we din’t have to pay full price. About 76 students joined this study tour.

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