Esia. Cheap. But…

One of my cellphones is Nokia 6585. And the operator that I use is Esia, the communications company that uses CDMA technology. The price to make a call is very cheap. To make a call to the same operator is about $0.006 or 0.6 cent per minute. And if you call for an hour the price is reduce just $0.11 (but you must call one hour, and after one hour the price is $0.002 or 0.2 cent).

The coverage of Esia is just Banten, West Java and Jakarta. I live in Bandung and sometimes I go to Depok, West Java to meet my parents. My girl also lives in Depok. So the way we keep our relationship is only with phone call. In Indonesia, the internet is so expensive and not reliable. So, I can’t use a video chat.

And my choice to make a phone call with my girl is Esia. To make call from Bandung to Depok we must add a prefix 01010 before the phone number. But, a few days a go, I can’t call my girl using that prefix. If you don’t use that prefix the price is $0.16 per minute. Just this morning I received sms for Esia that told me to use prefix 010100. What a long prefix to make a call.

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