Opal is SiO2 like quartz, but with a small unit of H2O

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moncler outlets usa This has been bugging me for a while. Opal is SiO2 like quartz, but with a small unit of H2O. The reason why opal displays these beautiful colors and quartz does not is because their lattices are shaped differently, dispite their similar composition. Opal is actually a mineralloid because it is amorphous with no uniform crystal lattice. This cheap moncler jackets womens is determined by the moncler womens jackets temperature and pressure conditions during formatuon that changed the lattice enough to allow another componet inside. The structure that the ions end moncler sale outlet up forming is irregular. Light enters the translucent opal and refracts continuously inside these irregular arrangement of atoms, displaying the colors. moncler outlets usa

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