And they’ll all do battle within the steel confines of the

My pre-flood thesis:

Abel was the first to die and became the First
Cain was the Lord God, the first offspring of
Cain has Enoch and builds a city named Enoch Mehujael has
This is when the Sons of God had children with the daughters of
Lamech who was the Lord God or ‘servant of God’ in his time lived at the same time as the Enoch who was a servant of the Lord Seth who was the image of
Then Enoch starts to walk with
Meanwhile in the City of Enoch sewers and underground chambers are built to preserve the sons of God(there’s no way the two families could have come together in the ark at that
During the flood, the land breaks apart from its singlemass and the land slides apart according to the spin and circle of the

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Pallavi: The Lord Is to Give Justice to the World
1 Sing a New Song to the Lord; Because he does not understand the dramatic actions
7 The sea and the fullness of it, the world and the frost! 8 O rivers! Clap; Mountains! Gather together in the presence of the LORD; Because he is going to give justice to the world; The earth will sweep righteousness; The honesty of the people
blessing before the good news

“I give you a new commandment, ‘love one another’

Faithful in the Minor Responsibilities

Matthew 25: 14-30

Then Jesus said to his disciples, The parable said: “The heavens can also be explained through the following event; A man who was going to take his servants and handed them over to his possessions

And the chief of the servants came and told them, saying, Five talents, and five other talents, Good servant, small responsibilities are ours Trustworthy Good Worker, Believe in Small Responsibilities
A man who got a talent approached him and said, replica handbags ‘Sir, you are hard; And he that reapeth not where thou didst not sow; Know that the water collector is also a thrifty place / his leader, “lazy! The evil servant, the place where I did not sow

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