On Wednesday Arkansas lost out to Kentucky for one of the most

Question: Does the Constitution of Bangladesh apply to any date?
Answer: December 16, In the year 1972. Q: Which is the world’s deepest canal?
Answer: Panama Canal.
Question: What is the alloy metal bronze material? Answer: Copper and zinc. On Wednesday Arkansas lost out to Kentucky for one of the most sought after high school basketball players in the RAZORBACKS WILL SURVIVE!
The SEC man says it’s the end of time
And some experts say Never Yield is going dry…
The interest was up, but he was told Tusk was down
And he would only get mugged if he hung around ….
We live back in the hills you see,
All us fans, Tusk and me…..
We still got a shot and a will and drive
And a Razorback can survive…. Hog fans can survive!
We can play defense all day long
Run a fast break from dusk to uk Replica Handbags dawn…..
We can play risky or blow by you
Not too many things those boys can’t do….
We can recruit Jucos and have high school ties
And a Razorback can survive…. Hog fans can survive!
Because you can’t stomp us out and we’re definitely gonna run
Cause we’re still planning..

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