Wi-Fi Full-Size – Wireless 2 HTTP Full – Hyper Text Transfer 3

If we could only stop donating money offering to the churches, stop paying taxes, stop watching movies in the theaters, stop depositing our money in the banks etc then probably we can defeat the wicked one in the EArthly realms, but we can’t do that, can we? So we must take the fight in the Spirit realms, For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly

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Protocol 4 URL Completion – Uniform Resource 5 IP Full – Internet Protocol
6 VIRUS Completion – Vital Information Resource
Under 7 SIM Fuller – Subscriber Identity 8 3G Completion – 3rd 9th GSM Full – Global System for Mobile
10 CDMA Fullness – Code Divison Multiple
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احصل على زماله الجمعيه العالميه لتقويم الاسنان وعضويه من الجمعيه العالميه لتقويم الاسنان
Accreditation :
في نهاية الدبلومه يحصل الدارس بعد اجتياز امتحان التقييم النهائي على
شهادة دبلوم في تقويم الاسنان:
(1) Fellow of the World Federation of (2) The membership of the International Association of يحصل الدارس بعد اجتياز اختبار التقييم النهائي على زماله الجمعيه العالميه لتقويم الاسنان وعضويه من الجمعيه العالميه لتقويم الاسنان
− Duration :
1 Year, 24 lectures, 2 lectures per month, 10 lec theoretical & 14 lec
يمكنك الحصول عليها من اي :
مكان في العالم عن طريق نظام الاون لاين
Diploma type :
– Classroom and On-Line
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