6 billion to acquire Takata key assets

The recall of more than 42 million vehicles, which is expected to last through the end of the decade, will continue unabated. Automakers remain responsible for repairing the vehicles for free, generally beginning with the oldest models in the hottest climates. Justice Department. Those families will receive compensation through a program managed by Kenneth Feinberg, who also managed the 9/11 victim compensation fund and General Motors ignition switch fund. court to criminal charges for its handling of the scandal, agreeing to pay $1 billion in penalties, including the fund for people injured as a result of the fiery shrapnel hurled from its air bags. headquarters in Sterling Heights, Mich., said it had agreed to pay $1.6 billion to acquire Takata key assets.

$100 – Lansing, MI (48911)

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Finally done! Took a break half way through the project for Senior Week and I’m glad I finally
Here are all the biggest process shots (final render of the horse, elf and finished sculpts and such):

If you wanna check out this in 3D, you can move it around and such here (unfortunately I don’t have premium so no multiple materials:

You can watch the timelapse for the sculpt as well as a crummy Marmoset turnable here:

You can see just about the entire process here:

If you’re really feelin’ it, you can check out the same render on my Art Station:

And if you’re obsessed with it, you can check it out on my Draw Crowd:

And if you’re REALLY lookin to give me some love:

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