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Do I need a gooseneck kettle for pour overs

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Again, this is where I come back to canada goose coats a variable temperature kettle that can heat the water without boiling the living daylights out of it is cheap canada goose uk more important to the Canada Goose Outlet “in the cup” flavour than the control achieved with a gooseneck kettle. So by buying something like a Bonavita (not sure if others canadagoose-online-shop have similar products) you can kill two birds with one stone.

Things begin Canada Goose online getting subjective canada goose from here, subjective due to the skills canada goose factory sale of the person preparing the cup, the equipment used uk canada goose outlet and other variables. A gooseneck kettle makes it POSSIBLE to control the pour, honestly even with one you have to learn how to use it properly to reduce the stream.

A the Canada Goose sale key to a good pour over is an even extraction, and not to disturb the coffee bed. Both those things are nearly impossible using an ordinary kettle. I have a water tower that keeps the water temp at 208, and after I finish my transfer onto my kettle, it gets to 2018 canada goose black friday around 198 204 without the need to pre heat the kettle.

I go with what most people say here the gooseneck kettle is NOT a necessity to make a good cup, but it sure as hell does make my life easier to make a delish V60 pour.

I suspect without it, it be kind of a waste to make coffee using a V60. as there a gaping hole on the bottom to mess things up if poured unevenly / on the edge. If you want one that doesn require that much care, go for the beehive. I think you can do a consistent, good cup using a regular kettle.

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