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What is up with David Miliband’s hair?

Martin Crowe, London

Extraordinary, isn’t it? Immobile, fixed, solid – it is, as my English teacher would put it, an immutable constant, an unchanging point around which the impressionable wax and wane.

OK, that may be a more apt description of bright blue canada goose jacket Iago than the foreign secretary’s hair, but the central tenet remains: David’s hair is, if you look at it carefully – as Martin Crowe and I have done – a truly astonishing work of physics. In its unmoving tidiness and solidity buying cheap canada goose outlet jacket online it is like a plastic black cap, of the sort placed on an Action Man’s head. Truly, I have can someone check if this canada goose outlet website is authentic stood behind this man in a rainy Welsh field (in a non-stalking way, honest) and even then, when one’s own blow dry was shot to hell and back, Miliband’s hair remained as unyielding as a stubborn PM maintaining a tenuous grip on the No 10 doorframe. Even his brother Ed’s hair has looked a little ruffled in its time, so clearly this is not a genetic trait, but a unique gift.

So what does it mean? Well, it certainly is a tell-tale contradiction of young Dave’s repeated denials that he is gunning for Brown’s position. Brown’s hair? Increasingly frazzled and grey. David’s? Calmly smooth and hardly ruptured by any white strands. More interestingly, it forms a striking ying and yang effect with Boris Johnson’s hair, like two opposing brothers, united by ambition, torn apart by essential differences, fated to be opposite each other in the Houses of Parliament, battling it out as future leaders of their respective parties. Far-fetched?

To paraphrase Shakira, that hair don’t lie.

Is it still acceptable to wear boots over jeans?

Charlotte Best, by email

Bugger world peace, global warming and the economic crisis – this is the real puzzler of summer 08. And like the aforementioned three issues, it is not one that can be resolved without the furrowing of a few brows (note to self: get the Botox retouched).

One of the many interesting things about what we shall call Boots-Over-Jeans-Gate (“gate” being the traditional suffix to denote a truly international crisis – Richard Nixon, your legacy was not in vain) is that it is the classic example of how celebrities totally bugger up fashion. Yes, they might “popularise the trends”, to use the common parlance mens, making them more “relevant” and “accessible” (truly, the word “relevant” could have been invented for a photo of a member of Liberty X in Heat carrying a Fendi bag), but they also decimate them with an almost Cheney-esque heartless efficiency, leaving nothing but a vicious circle of chaos in their wake.

To wit, high-heeled boots over skinny-ish (note the -ish: it is important) jeans was a trend primarily spread by celebrities about three years ago. It was a useful look for the Elizabeth Hurleys of the world who still wanted to show off their look-at-my-shapely-derriere jeans, but rightly feared that boots under jeans had become a bit frumpy Fulham yummy mummy on the school run. And the canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day diet fact that it also meant they could flaunt their £550 Gucci boots that little bit more effectively – why, that was merely a pleasing side benefit.

The following year the trend was hijacked by Kate Moss (following in Hurley’s bootsteps – a rare sign of fashion weakness from the Moss) and her ilk, who tucked her vacuum-packed superskinny pale grey jeans (flattering blue is for chunky-thighed amateurs, you see) into wide-mouthed, slightly battered black boots for more of a rock groupie effect, as opposed to Hurley’s high-maintenance eurotrash Sloane look.

And here we see the problem with celebrities nabbing hold of a trend: yes, they might introduce it to the masses, but they then make it impossible for discerning minors to wear. After all, who wants to look like a cliche Moss copyist? Or a Hurley one? Not buying a canada goose jacket online least because the only people pulling a Hurley, as the look is now called in scientific circles, are Wags and the female members of Liberty X. And frankly, even Moss is looking a bit boring in her boots over jeans.

The issue is that this style did have something going for it – namely, it kept the hems canada goose coat 1000 calorie diets of best place to best mens canada goose jacket buy a canada goose jacket one’s £175 jeans out of the British rain. But the only acceptable variation on the can i wash my canada goose coat style now is jeans tucked into flat boots, ideally not black ones unless you wish to evoke unpleasant wartime memories for passers-by. The problem here is that you will probably resemble a member of the horsey aristocracy, en route to one’s stables to saddle up. Oh me. Truly, fashion is a veritable black hole of quandaries.

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