It is a fine card that just fits into an already good deck

Grotesqu u

StrongWhale 1 point submitted canada goose outlet shop 10 days ago

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It’s a good deck but it isn’t batshit broken. People were complaining about spiteful being overpowered over at r/hearthstone but it is inconsistent and lacks canada goose outlet store the seemingly canada goose black friday sale infinite value that whateverlock and taunt druid Canada Goose sale can muster. You have a win condition but it can canada goose outlet online easily be distorted by bad draws.

The way I usually win against cubelock cheap Canada Goose is with a well placed silence cheap canada goose uk or a canada goose uk black friday curve spiteful.

I think I lost every game canada goose outlet against taunt druid, canada goose and mostly because canada Canada Goose Coats On Sale goose canada goose clearance sale outlet jackets I was out of steam at hadronox.

Teching mossy horror might help against aggro. It’s been about 50/50 canada goose outlet new york city for me so canada goose outlet nyc I don’t think it’s unfavorable. You have a lot of taunts. Sometimes they have an answer for everything, but that’s just how broken paladin is at the moment.

It’a a canada goose outlet store uk fun deck, i like it. It really sucks canada goose coats on sale when you get both UI’s early, but I’ve been able to come back canada goose buy canada goose jacket cheap outlet uk sale from Canada Goose online some of those. No matchup feels unwinable if you ask me.

MotCots3009 2 points submitted 19 days ago

The heal isn necessarily the most important bit. Sure, without it you probably screwed. But if Dark Pact didn help Canada Goose Jackets you set up a board, you be equally screwed uk canada goose because they just happily punch face again. The fact that Dark Pact does both is what makes it strong. And resultantly, it feeds into the “cheating out goose outlet canada minions” problem and the “absurd healing” problem. Which is why CubeLock is as strong as it is. Even Dude Paladin before the Witchwood wasn just about Call to Arms. It was also about amazing board refills buy canada goose jacket and mana efficient Crystal Lions. canada goose outlet black friday And hand refills through Divine Favor. The whole lot is what pulled canada Canada Goose Online goose jacket outlet the deck together, not just Call to Arms (granted, Call to Arms is a busted card that really, really helped though).

Spellstone is iffy. It requires self damage, so in a way it only heals 3 Health. Canada Goose Outlet But it is nearly a Fireball upgraded once and a powerful one upgraded twice. It is a fine card that just fits into an already good deck. I think if CubeLock is going to see a nerf, Spellstone should be left untouched.

Instead, the three simplest suggestions that can help hit CubeLock a bit:

Option 1. Dark Pact Cost from (1) to (2).

Option 2. Possessed Lackey canada goose coats Cost from (5) to (6).

Option 3. Skull of canada goose outlet uk the Man Cost from (5) to (6).

A less simple but very powerful nerf on Cubelock would be:

Option 4. Doomguard text changes from “Charge. Battlecry: Discard two random cards.” to “Battlecry: Discard two random cards and gain Charge.”

And of course a cuter, more tame version of that is:

Option canada goose outlet parka 5. Doomguard text changes from canada goose store canada goose outlet online uk “Charge. Battlecry: Discard two random cards.” to “Rush. Battlecry: Discard uk canada goose outlet two random cards.”

Assuming of course that Rush is a mainstay mechanic which I reasonably sure it will be.

Grotesqu canada goose uk outlet 6 points submitted 28 days ago

Okay so you pay around 4 8000 yen for a copy official canada goose outlet of tekken, but do you have the slightest idea what kind of revenue there is from some salaryman playing arcade every day after Canada Goose Parka work? A whole lot more than that.

So that’s just your average hard working uchida san but what about leekkiller96 doing baito just to keep his hobby going busting out game after game every single day to improve? I don’t even want to imagine.

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