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Pasta Gigi Nasa
FREE – Purwodadi, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Nasa toothpaste has antiseptic properties for mouth infections
Many Pantesan So never toothache and gums again Bonusnya Breath segaarr throughout hariii < br> Yuuk replace old toothpaste with #PASTA #GIGI #NASA
benefits #PASTAGIGINASA Overcome
✔ Bad mouth
✔ Yellow teeth
✔ Sensitive teeth
✔Abertremics ✔ Thrush
✔Grained & bleeding gums
✔Gearing teeth and

The price is very affordable and can be used for any Sure do not want to try???
Yuk have a toothpaste nasa soon

Minaaaat or Konsul

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✨ We have a lot of Star No Visa card / credit card to buy diamonds, so MoMo recommends two ways to refill via the web. Cheaper and more convenient to use prepaid cards, phones or SMS

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