1 : K Roach to Raza, Raza gets on his toes and punches it

3. Flip a switch: When your inner critic starts on the negative self talk you want to flip an inner switch and turn those thoughts into positive ones and stop bashing your self esteem. It’s as simple as substituting ” I can’t do this it’s too difficult” for ” I can do this I’m ready to meet this challenge”.

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Hermes Bags Replica 42.3 : D Bishoo to Raza, Sikandar uses his feet to get to the ball and defends it.42.2 : D Bishoo to Ervine, This time Bishoo bowls it flatter on the pads, Ervine goes back and clips it through backward square leg for a single.42.1 : D Bishoo to Ervine, Served around middle and leg, swept away to short fine leg.41.6 : K Roach to Raza, Speared well outside off, Sikandar doesn’t bother playing at that.41.5 : K Roach to Raza, And this ball has some extra bounce! It is pitched further up around off, Raza has to hop to keep it down.41.4 : K Roach to Raza, Edged but safe! On a length outside off, Raza looks to push at it but gets an outside edge that dies towards gully, who does well to dive to his left and stop it. That ball stayed a touch low and moved away after pitching.41.3 : K Roach to S Raza, Full delivery around off and middle, Raza drives it towards mid off.41.2 : K Roach to Raza, Fuller around off, Sikandar gets his front foot forward and defends it towards mid off.41.1 : K Roach to Raza, Raza gets on his toes and punches it towards covers.40.6 : D Bishoo to Ervine, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.40.5 : D Bishoo to Ervine, Tossed up around off, Craig lunges forward but gets hit on the pads. No appeal from the players as the impact was well outside off.40.4 : D Bishoo to Ervine, Ervine hangs back and flicks it towards short fine leg.40.3 : D Bishoo to Ervine, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.40.2 : D Bishoo to C Ervine, Floated around middle and leg, Ervine just knocks it towards long on and ambles across for a run Hermes Bags Replica.

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