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[Paranoia ran on to sea-crossing bridge]
just finished a marathon on a pay Wan stone finally be on the waiting list, the next challenge came supplies.
Someone running like me (feel a little cold)? It is only for the sake of a paranoid that “we did not run across the Great Ocean Bridge across Penghu”.
Daisy Island marathon, come on!.

Good morning myself, and finally a holiday, even on the late hours of tired ah… And are running at noon, a person running the Christmas line on the road to success, good Morning Run good morning ah… Happy weekend with running at their own speed it ❤ ️❤️ Labor is a price.

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ankle for ankle strengthening, Cai Zhongxian say “stand on one foot” is actually one of the best and easiest way to do besides standing or multidirectional stand on one foot in a stable position In addition, you can also add a slight tiptoe after the single-legged station, or use the unstable plane such as cushion to do more advanced training, and to cultivate the coordination of the reaction of the ontological nerve. However, why stand-alone this simple action, but it helps to help ankle muscle and joint control it? Cai Zhongxian said that because running in the conversion process will have a single leg of the moment, so this fine-tuning training can not only help you build neuromuscular control, in the use of unstable plane for advanced training, but also Allows your feet to be more stable in order to contend with the unstable environment, to make more stable control, so that these muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the feedback to the brain, thus integrating more efficient muscle control Mechanisms with the joints.

foot for maximum activity of ankle, foot station training can help us establish a center of gravity of neuromuscular control

less at home we can operate the transfer of training to illustrate: hand Hold the wall, in a stable foot standing on one foot, do forward lean, body back, the body to the outside, the body to the medial center of gravity, the process by the body center of gravity, ankle relaxation, passively feel the center of gravity conversion and Pressure configuration, if you want to have a better effect, you can slightly raise the foot palm, but also help strengthen the calf muscles Chloe Handbags Replica.

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