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Said & Done: Rangers, Biggest Prada Store In London rebrands our web page, and Jack’s chirping birds

Rebrand of the week

The English Football League: football’s most “comprehensive corporate rebrand” since 2008, when the football pools hired brand experts to “rejuvenate the core business” with a “transfer of brand values”. Their new name: The New Football Pools.

Best timing

New from Qatar last week: a) allegations of officials bussing in migrant workers from labour camps to fill empty seats at football matches; and b) the launch of a new cultural facility at a £3.6bn Doha development – a modern slavery museum Black Prada Chain Bergdorf Goodman Prada Mens Shoes Bag with exhibits covering “migrant labour issues”, “recruitment and exploitation”.

Moral lead of the week

Rangers: shutting down talk that the club should be stripped of five titles after a court ruled the oldco broke tax rules from 2001 to 2010: “It is time for everyone to move on and work together for the greater good of the game. Scottish football has suffered enough.”

• Leading the debate for both sides: Rangers chairman Dave King – speaking last week: “The football team had no advantage from any tax savings”; and speaking in 2012, then as a former club director. “We owe the Scottish footballing public an apology. I follow the logic of the argument that if we lose the tax case then we probably gained some competitive advantage. We should apologise for that.”

Election news: most radical

Uefa’s Fifa presidential candidate Gianni Infantino – pledging to deliver radical change and a clean break from the past, “not only for Europe, but for world football”. Although: “If Michel Platini [is cleared] to stand, I will withdraw. It’s a simple principle of loyalty.”

And putting dignity first

Rising above the ongoing Fifa back-biting: Jack Warner – cancelling his plan to unleash a “tsunami” of allegations against former football family friends. “In the dusk of my life I just want to enjoy seeing the sun rise, listen to the chirping birds and admire nature. I refuse to be part of the crowd.”

Manager news: swings and roundabouts

• Italy, 28 Sep: Carpi club statement: “Fabrizio Castori has been dismissed. New coach Giuseppe Are Prada Trainers Made In Vietnam Sannino will conduct training this afternoon.” 3 Nov: “Giuseppe Sannino has been relieved of his duties. Fabrizio Castori will conduct training this afternoon.”

• Italy, 2 Nov: Palermo coach Beppe Iachini, asked about president Maurizio Zamparini publicly floating a plan to sack him. “The president was making a joke. For me, it’s just jokes, I’m serene. If he wasn’t happy, I wouldn’t still be here.” 10 Nov: He isn’t.

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• Plus, one to watch: France – Montpellier owner Louis “Loulou” Nicollin (pictured), giving coach Rolland Courbis his full backing. “I’m keeping him. However, some of his signings are total losers. There’s an 80% chance I sack him next season.”

Steve Evans of the week

Steve Evans – on why Leeds should respect his authority: “I’ve got complete say on the team. The minute that changes, Steve Evans won’t be the manager of Leeds United”; on his squad: “The fans know there’s not a player in the dressing room who Steve Evans has signed”; on being fair: “Steve Evans doesn’t have favourites”; and on hedging his bets: “Whoever owns the club, Steve Evans would be very honoured to be their manager”

Most upbeat

Romania: 29-year-old FC Brasov player Razvan Avram, setting up home in the changing rooms after the club could only afford a hostel place for him. “I couldn’t take it, so now Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Online Shopping I live in the changing rooms. There is heat and I sleep on the massage table. It’s Black Prada Bag With Gold Hardware better this way.”

Clarification of the week

Romania: Farul Constanta’s PA announcer calling a pre-match minute’s silence, “in memory of former Farul bus driver Jean Podaru, who will be buried today.” Half-time: “Earlier I said Jean Podaru died. It appears this was a regrettable error.” Podaru: “I’m feeling fine.”

Ref of the week

Argentina: Atlético Tucumán midfielder Guillermo Acosta, subbed late on in a 5-0 win which secured promotion, celebrating by handing his shirt to his wife behind the dugout. Referee Ramiro López stopped play and showed him a second yellow; Acosta misses the first game of next season. La Opinión: “This was both unusual, and ridiculous.”

Theme of the week

Peru: 1) Rácing Club v Deportivo Independiente Miraflores “degenerating” after ballboys invaded the pitch to fight a goalkeeper. 2) Universidad San Martín v UTC ending in “embarrassing scenes” after ballboys joined Are Prada Mens Shoes Good a mass brawl. The FA banned nine players.

Most sensitive

Costa Rica: Coto Brus v Barrio México held Agata Ruiz De La Prada Shop On Line up after a linesman heard pitchside STV commentator Henry de Jesús Díaz call the referee “terrible”. Referee Jimmy Torres ordered Díaz to leave the ground; Díaz refused until Torres threatened to call the game off. Díaz: “So crazy. I am just the commentator. So crazy.”

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Plus: tough week for

Brazil FA head and reported FBI target Marco Polo Del Nero, 74 – facing claims he hid £180k in his model ex-girlfriend Carol Galan’s bank Authentic Prada Shoes Outlet account. Senator Randolfe Rodrigues: “The documents we have amount to more than lipstick in his underwear: they’re sexually explicit. He couldn’t be more implicated.” Both deny wrongdoing.

• Among the four models Del Nero dated before facing multiple corruption claims: Sexy Magazine’s Carol Muniz, 28 – who told local press last year their love was real. “It’s all very natural. He’s wonderful, relaxed, easy going and great in bed. People can call me a gold digger, but that’s just their ignorant prejudice. I ignore it. Even Jesus had his critics, huh?”

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